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Active Tourist Rest

Active rest will help you feel in shape. Faster, higher, stronger, on the slopes of mountains and underwater, on the infinite bulbs and the snow! Diving and surfing, rafting and alpingism, cycling and tent walks are all about active recreation: countries, prices and programmes.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. This is about the most physically costly, adrenaline-resistant and fascinating short-term holiday booths, after which you're damn happy to live and work, and the power and toe of the rich and burly in the young (regardless of age) of the body, the word, the word that the Turagent catalogues refer to the word " active rest " .

For those who aren't exactly on the subject, a little lick. Active rest is the whole sporting and driving activity, which involves physical loads, muscle work and, as a result, the constant pleasure of feeling healthy and powerful. Strictly speaking, this kind of physical burden can be achieved by any occupation, from painting walls to cycling, but in the tourism sense, we will speak of the sport-responsive aspect of such activities. Explosion: Active rest is amateur sporting entertainment in the context of travel, no matter whether or not it is in Polynesia.

Conditional active The rest can be divided into water and land. The first is the most popular diving today (and snorkeling) and surfing (which includes a variety of foam doses on the waves - kite and Windserfing), rafting and kayaking, water skis and other motorized water sports. To the second, not less popular mountain skis and plain skiings, cyclings and so-beloved young generation of mauntinbaik, all possible ways of feeding mountain peaks - rock climbing, alpine, glacier resurrection, etc., end-of-the-life, unstable fishing and hunting, finally, accessible to all

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