активный отдых зимой

Active Winter Rest

You're lucky, and you're going to rehab in the sanatorium. We need to adjust properly so that the rest and treatment are full, and you don't have to buy different things in local stores.

Most important.
These are documents, personal and medical:
1. Passport
2. Insurance policy
3. Sanatorium-currency map
4. If there is a test results, X-rays.
5. Payment receipt

The second most important thing is money. If you're sure where you're going, there are ATMs, take a bank card. Pin-code, put it on the phone or the notebook, but not on the map! There's also a need to record the bank's phone that issued the card: a lot of citizens lose plastic cards on leave, and a call to the blockage bank will help you save the amount on the map when you retrieve it on arrival.
Of course, sufficient cash will be needed: there may be additional paid services in the sanatorium and money will be needed for entertainment.

Universal things
1. Mobile phone and charge.
2. Photocapita
3. Fonariq.
4. Buddy, spoon, knife
5. Means from mosquitoes or fumigator in warm season of the year

Although you're going to a medical facility, there may not be any medicine you need. This is particularly the case of hypertension, cardiacs, allergies, sugar diabetes. As the experience of vacation trips shows, poisoning and diarrhoea medicine, headaches can always be used. At sea, as an " fast-track " , there will be a need for diet and drops of slurry for dives.

For beauty and hygiene
Anything you use at home, take with you the amount calculated for the length of stay in the sanatorium. Women are cosmetics and perfume for season and needs, men are razor, lotion after razor. Champoo, soap, toothbrush and pasta, haircuts, scissors will need everyone.

The set depends on the season. For winter, it's all warm, sports suit. Activefor the summer, light toilets and beach supplies. Take the clothes every day for the dining room and the procedure, the house is a machro robe for the room and the pool or a light sports suit. For water procedures, don't forget to grab a swimsuit or a swimsuit.

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