Горный Алтай : Базы отдыха

Minor Recreational Alta

Let's go to Altai, we've got room to count.

Gorgeous Altai: Every Thursday at 22:00.
Place of departure: October Metro, by bank
Send to comfortable minibuses or minivans.

Standard belt - 4,500 roubles
Extended - 6,500 roubles

In the amount of 4,500, it includes delivery, accommodation, information, and a three-way service.
In the amount of 6,500, there are two areas of guided tour of Gorny Alta for the choice, as well as horses, or alloys, rolling on a motor boat.

The standard track includes:
♪ Novosibirsk-Gorny Altai-Novosibirsk
♪ Three days of residence rest
♪ Information
♪ Cuzmich Resident Club maps

The improved track comprises the following guided tour areas:
The trip to the review mountain, the Zhali GEC, the goat walk to the island of Patmos, the trans-shipments, namely the Skike Taman, the Czech tract, the waterfalls and the lake, the Beruz Katun and the Tavdin caves, the nightclub XXXX and the Aqua. And a lot of different tours!

The tour programme also provides for:
♪ Gifts
♪ The rituals and rituals of real hunters.
♪ A fascinating chasing wild animal
♪ Hunting stories in the head
♪ Rogatine class master
♪ Pupils of a well-known Turkic-speaking Scholar of the Unequivalent Mustakkaya Kerata

We go, we take pictures, we enjoy the species, there will be picnics, shuffles. Rafting, horse rolling, quadrocycle trips, velocity ropes at the sky level. And other places for your choice!

Sign up to the community and get a 40 percent discount on the following tours:
Official Club:
Official Instagram:

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