Proportion Of Tourism To Growth In The Year 2015

The Government is taking steps to improve the industry. A federal target programme (FCP) has been adopted, which has created tourist clusters in 25 regions of the country. The authorities in these regions should provide areas with forged communications for the construction of hotels, restaurants, camping facilities, recreational areas, explained to Medvedev.

"Elevance to tourism developmentof course, we have major international events, which we understand. Where they pass, tourism naturally develops very and very actively. And with the preparations for the Sochi and Kazani events, in Vladivostok, a number of other regions, now in Uf, modern hotels have been built and the transport network has been upgraded. That's good," he underlined the Bears.

The number of Russians travelling through Russia increases by an average of 10 per cent per year. In 2014, Russian citizens carried out some 42 million tourist trips. At the same time, the number of foreign tourists increased by 16 per cent.

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