Новый год в Карелии 2017

Rest In The Carlies For A New Year

You want to give the kids a new year's story? It's just the real one! With the snowed forest, Desd Moros, miracles and gifts! For a new year's magic, go all the family for a new year to Carelia!

At Deda Morose's.

Turning into a magic carel forest, you'll know you're in a fairy tale. That's where they live. Desd Moroz! You don't? Let's see what you're gonna say when he gives you gifts, rides on his sleds and cheers with choirs, songs, competitions and winter fun!

Like a fairy tale.

You think a new year's story is just for the kids? No! Our north end will present the celebrity and those who no longer believe in the Deda Moroz. Here. New Year in Carelia You can go on snowboards, tremors, even on!

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