В России надо строить

Rossi Children ' S Tourism

Туры в аквапарки из ПермиIt's accepted that all the interesting things are outside our homeland. But that's not entirely true. Russia is a huge country with a lot of worthy places. Tourism is growing at a very high rate. And traveling through Russia today is not only fascinating, but also comfortable.

Acapulco Tourism Agency organizes Russian tours and rest in Russia with a flight from Permi In different directions, from the beach of the Black Sea to the unknown mountain path of Altai.

The experience of our clients proves that a home country trip might be more exciting than tours abroad. And even one weekend tour could be the beginning of a great journey, a journey through Russia. Unknown natural beauty, ancient monuments, large and small cities with their architecture, secrets, culture can make their country better known.

In Russia, all kinds of recreation are possible: extreme tourism, eco-tourism, beach, family and children, sanatorium healing, mining tours, guided tours, cruises and many others.

Indisputable value is Costs of rest within the country. The cost of the tour is not tied to the exchange rate, and it is possible to take a low-cost vacation.

Internal tourism is becoming increasingly popular. And that's not surprising. Russia is a very large country with many interesting and beautiful places worthy of close attention. In Russia, great opportunities for different kinds of recreation: active, extreme, toured, beached and family recreation with children.

Алтай из ПермиWithout leaving our country, we can rest at sea.

This will include:

Krasnodar province (Sochi, Adler, Tuapse, Lazarevsky, Loo, Anapa, Gelenjik). Rest in these regions is available from many types of transport: rail, air, road. Many types of accommodation are available: from private hospital homes to apartments and numbers in large hotel complexes. The season lasts from the beginning of June to mid-October, but it is possible to enjoy nature, air, fauna Caucasus at any time.

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