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Пешие походы

Pedestrian approaches are unlimited opportunities to explore peace

Pedestrian walks, or tukin (from trekking to cross, resettle, make a big transition) are a popular sporting tourism, whose main advantages are:

  • mass;
  • In most cases, there is no need for special sports training (sufficiently to be in good physical form and to have the required difficult distance);
  • Accessibility.

Millions of active-tourism fans travel every year across all continents of the world, reaching even its most remote corners. Although the classic version of pedestrians is to overcome the route in low-lying areas, many pedestrians are accompanied by mountains. Mountains require more training, the level of which is determined by the complexity of the route.

Grade: tourism from A to I

What's needed to know a traveller who's going to the hills:

  • every ash walk has its own level of complexity. ♪ Sports tourism Traking is classified at 9 levels of complexity. The designation of the route to a particular category of complexity depends on the availability of local obstacles, geographical features, the tension of the route, its length and time duration;
  • Special physical training requires mountains because unprepared organisms may not adequately respond to high-rise conditions that require adaptation even for experienced tourists;
  • pedestrians require special clothing, shoes and equipment. All listed are selected on the basis of the climate conditions of the active tour and the terrain characteristics;
  • Any malpractice should lead to the cancellation of the trip, as there may be an increase in non-help under the hike. In convenience, your illness can be an obstacle not only to your path, but also to disrupt the group ' s plans;
  • If you're going to the pedestrian camp, the olinclusiv tourism and the associated habits of forgetting or delaying it, it's the use of alcoholic beverages. Active tours involving complex pedestrians, including mountain tours, completely exclude alcohol consumption, the rest severely restrict;
  • As you go to the hills, study carefully the safety regulations and strictly adhere to them in the convenience.
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