Автопутешествие Неизведанный

Rossi Tourism Federation

Federation Russian sports tourism (Turist and Sport Union of Russia) (date of base 15 April 1985) - Lawyer of the Russian Society of Tourists (ROT). The very name of the ROT appeared in 1901, but the date of the base was 1895 when the Yaltin Tour Office of the Crimea Caucasus Mountain Club and the first tourist company, the Russian Turing Club (equivalent to the travellers). Later (in 1929) it was transformed into the Proletarian Tourism Society (PTT), since 1930 it became allied (PET). Headed his drug N. V. Krelenko. By 1935, its membership had reached 790,000. In 1936, the whole tourism system in the country is being reorganized, and new organizational forms of governance are being introduced. The CEC has adopted a decree on the elimination of WPTE and has given guidance on tourism and alpingism to the All-Union Council of Physical Culture of the USSR CEC. In the 20 - 30 years, in the USSR, alpineism and mountain tourism, modern understandings of these words were considered a single form of TURISMA and developed by the State in the PEP system. In 1936, the country ' s tourism management was transferred to physical and cultural organizations and WHTC. In 1962, the TESA decision was transformed into the Central Board for Tourism and Tours (CSTE), Republican and Regional Councils, which were fully administered by self-sustaining tourism. At the CEE and the local councils, sections and commissions on tourism have been established, regional and city tourist clubs have been established. In 1985, the Federation became known as the Union. In 1992, following the dissolution of the USSR, the International Tourism and Sports Union was established and in 2002 the International Federation of Sports Tourism was established, bringing together tourists from CIS and Baltic countries. The Turkish Sports Union and the Federation of Sports Tourism of Russia have started working in Russia ' s Goskomsport. The President has become the I.E. East Zoom. Sporting is included in the One All-Russian Sports Classification. Since 1994, sports tourists have been assigned the ranks of the ICU, ICMC and the IMS.

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