всех уголков Юга России

Rossia Active Rest

To the end of the mountains and waterfalls, a week tour, one-day walks and guided tours combined with comfort (tracking) in the Hajoh resort (Krasnodar Krai). The tourists live on the Turks and visit: Rufabgo, Amino Valley, Lago Naki Plateau, Mechoko Valley, Asian Cave, Bela River Canyon, Dolmen, Guam Valley. Programme for All Mountain Caleidoscope - in this round-trip multi-year, active tour you will be able to participate in the mountainous river alloy, the end of the walk, participate in the jipping, the tracking, go down the rock ropes and enjoy the fabulously beautiful nature. The famous Trident. Through the mountains to the Black Sea. In the past, it is the most mass tourist route in the world that has been successfully rebuilt by our firm. Starts in Hajoh Mountain resort, ends in Loo. All nights on this route in fixed shelters are interesting for both starters and former tourists. Fischt is one of Russia's most famous and grandest monuments of nature. All the country ' s landscape areas pass through this route, lightly. To the edge of the Crimean Mountains - a week's hotel tour at the most beautiful mountain of Crimea - South Demergi. Tracking, road-to-door excursions with the most beautiful places in the mountain Crimea, chaos, waterfall, MAN cavern and Red Cave.
The Crimean Mountain Caleidoscope is the hotel tour of the most beautiful mountain of Crimea, South Demergi. Tracking, on-road tours, on-going course, on-road, on-going, on-going to-board, jipping to look at the most beautiful places in the mountain Crimea, the Valleys of Entities, Waterfalls, MAN Caves and Red Details Upper on Russian subtropics Wet subtropics are puffy. ♪ ♪
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