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Как правильно путешествовать по России. Изображение № 4.Given the exchange rate, travel in Russia has become increasingly profitable. Especially since they have always been as attractive as foreign travel. The Village found out where to go beyond the Krasnodar region resorts and the neighbouring town where relatives lived, and asked experienced travellers how to plan the trip and choose the route.

All childhood and youth, I travel exclusively in Russia - tents, bikers, skis, backpacks and fishermen.Как правильно путешествовать по России. Изображение № 8. There were classic hikes in the mountains, extreme alloys on mountain rivers, historic trips of a-le Gold ring. Wherever it was planned, I knew it would be crazy, beautiful and new. It is with this spirit that I expected and expect all my travels so far. This year I want to go to Sahalin and Primorje to catch a few waves in the Pacific Ocean and eat crabs; I want to explore a couple of new surf spots on Ladoge and get to Gogland Island in the Finnish Gulf.

I can't stand one trip. I traveled in a unique, ruthless Baikal and surrounding non-repetition rivers, swimming on the kataran and trying to find the surf waves, sailing on the Iow vault, where I dived behind the drowned engine and caught on the spinning trout, I remember that yesterday. And last year's surfbase trip from Peter to Kalininggrad to the Russian surfing championship to forget: multi-kilometre beaches, the World Ocean Museum and the Leonou monument, the Yantar mountains and waves.

For three weeks of merchant and mealing life with food in Baikal, I needed about 35,000 roubles (in 2009) and last year's trip to Vladivostok was ten days in my 30,000 roubles, 18 of which I gave for the ticket, buying it a couple days before the flight, I lived with friends.

Фото: Natalia Sidorova / Shutterstock.com. Изображение № 9. Как правильно путешествовать по России. Изображение № 12. Как правильно путешествовать по России. Изображение № 16. Фото: Syntheticmessiah / Shutterstock.com. Изображение № 17.
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