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Russian Tourism Territory

Tourism is our future.

Great and beautiful. Ancient and mysterious. Dagestan. The country of mountains and mysteries, a bright world of amazing contrasts.

There are few places in the country where there are opportunities for tourism and recreation, such as in Dagestan. Opportunities that many recognized world tourism leaders lack. There are promising opportunities to attract investments that will generate rapid returns.

The Republic of Dagestan is the southernmost Republic of Russia. It is located at the juncture of Europe and Asia in the eastern part of the Caucasus and is the southernmost part of Russia and has direct access to international maritime routes. Dagestan borders on land and the Caspian Sea with five States, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Iran, within the Russian Federation, neighbouring the Stavropol province, the Republic of Cyprus and the Chechen Republic. Since ancient times, there have been major trade routes linking the east to the west. In the mid-century, the legendary trade and quarantine route " Great Silk Road " was passing through Dagestan. The main routes of federal importance are now under way throughout the country. Important rail, road, air, sea and pipeline routes of federal importance pass through its territory.

The natural and climatic conditions and historical and ethnic heritage of Dagestan offer unique opportunities for the development of all types of tourism: beach and water, mining and extreme, ethnic and historical, ecological and health.

The length of the Caspian coastline is 530 kilometres with extensive sand beaches, warm seas and ionized air. There are already existing recreational sites with beautiful beaches: Mahacalynski (80 km), Samurski (42 km), Manasski (48 km), Kayakentski (40 km). There are about 160 rest bases, boards, sanatoriums, child health camps.

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