путешествовать по России

Traveling On Roses

Кеник-71.jpgDespite the fact that many of our citizens do not like to travel in Russia, there is a need to travel to the region. At least to see where the rest of the country lives.

Geographical connection to the Baltic, historical to the German and Polish culture, plus the use of their business models at the current stage, makes the Kaliningrad enclave a curious place to visit tourists.

On three sides of the region, the sea, Poland and Lithuania live here without a small million Russians. But in a town where the good half of all the residents of the area live, we hardly came. It's amazing there's nothing. As in our capital city, Kaliningrad is exploding along and across, on the occasion of the upcoming World Cup in the 2018s.


Interesting fact. Among the 11 cities hosting the upcoming championship, Kyung is the second on the list after Moscow. By the way, Kyungig, his love is called the locals. Despite several decades, the name of Kaliningrad has still not been fully entrenched. It is also interesting that the All-Union Chief Michael Kalinin, who has been perpetuated in the name of the city and province, has never been in the region.


By landing at Brabrowo Airport, the sight of civilian aircraft will mark not only the presence of military aircraft, but also the presence of military aircraft, as the Kaliningrad air harbour has a dual function. In fact, there are many military facilities in the smallest area in the Russian region, as in the border area. There's both the pilots and the missiles, and of course the sailors.

If anyone doesn't know, it's here in Kaliningrad that the headquarters of the Red Sea Navy of Russia is twice.


And while, as I pointed out above, we were very small in the city, I'd like to speak separately about Kyungsberg's urban policy. By the way, the age is quite honorable. It's like, it's been over 765 years.
The city began with a castle on the Pregol River. But the castle didn't last long. In the 13th century, when the Poles called upon the Tevtonians to fight with the pagans, he was burned and compared to the ground, after which, literally in the same place, a fortress was built. In fact, the name of Kyungsberg is from the very spot.

The bend here is split into two layers, which are then reconnected. As you understand, the advantage of settlements near such strengthening is indisputable. So then, on the island and the sleeves of the river, two more towns, Lebinicht and Knaphof were added. All three fortresses were autonomous and had their own bourgmestres, magistrates, courts and all three cities as members of the Union. Well, the general name of Königsberg was a common nest. Naturally, the city has continued to develop in a defensive direction, consistent with the spirit of time.

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