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Baikal In The Summer

The wording " Tourities " is known from the geography school course, water heats and slows down. That is why the winter near Baikal is much warmer than in other parts of Eastern Siberia and colder in the summer.

At this time of the year, the highest temperature of the air is +25. ... +27 °C day and +13... +15 °C at night. Such a sharp fall in average daily temperatures is common to the surroundings, which must be taken into account by taking out recreational clothing. You'll have to take the unprotected jacket. Even in the summer, cold winds often blow, and sea walks or fishing may be extremely uncomfortable despite the bright sun. This is an exception to the rule.

The lake itself, even in the hottest summer months, is warmed slowly, water temperatures above +16 °C are not rising almost never. In the end, even in July-August, it's only in small booths and bays where water heats up to +20... +23 °C. So the beach amateurs. Baikal It is worth drawing attention to the bases of the island of Olhon, the small sea and the Gulf of Chiburekou.

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