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Baikal's Summer Photo

Position: 235 km from the town of Irkutska in the Strait of the Little Sea of Lake Baikal and 100 m from the coast of the Khujir-Nougai Bay, opposite the Great and Small Toynak islands. Total base capacity to 90, June-September season.

First line (5 summer houses with a view to z. Baikal, 100 metres from the shore:
  • 2nd local number with a separate entrance without amenities. Conveniences on the ground.

Second line (10 summer houses with veranda and a recreational site with a view to the zone. Baikal, 120 metres from the shore:
  • 2nd local number with separate entrance without convenience;
  • 3rd local number with a separate entrance without amenities.
  • Conveniences on the ground.

3rd line (3 separate brushe houses located in the forest area with a veranda and a common barbecue site):
  • 2nd local number with partial conveniences;
  • 3rd local number with partial conveniences.
  • In the rooms: a washinger. The shower and the toilet on the ground.

Refrigerated hull (2nd floor on 8 first floor rest rooms):
  • 2nd local standard number;
  • 3rd local standard number;
  • 4th local standard number.
  • In the room: toilet, washroom. The spirit is on the ground.

Nutrition: For an extra charge, breakfast is 150 roubles, lunch is 300 rubles, dinner is 250 roubles.

Recreation services: luncheon room with bar in a separate building in the form of Buryat (service by waiters), parking, Karaoke, Russian bath, discotheque, guided tours (Kurmin Ozur and Croats, Sarmin valley and ice cream, Meteorite Lake and Lanisha Meteoria, Meteoric Meteoria, Moskare).

Sport: desk tennis, water attachments ( " banana " , scooter, towed boat parachutes).

Children: Accepted at any age.

Water: Small sea. Playing your own, equipped, sand-galent.

  • The lighting in the houses and in the base area takes place at night from the autonomous power station, and the use of domestic electrical appliances is limited;
  • by the wish of the group transfer from the g. Irkutsk to the rest base - 700 roubles per person in one direction (the commission is not provided).

Documents: passport, bet, medical insurance policy, birth certificate for children.

Estimated hour: 12:00.

The cost is: living.

Address: Russia, Irkut oblast, Olhonsk region, Strait of Small Sea, Gulf of Khujir-Nagay, Star Baykal recreation base.

Aircraft or train: before Irkutska, hereinafter the stream Irkutsk-- rest Star Baikala - Irkutsk (value for booking).

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