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Baikal This

On a trip to Baikal on the biker, the least you think is that you're now facing 20 percent of the world's fresh water reserves. ♪ ♪

This section provides basic information on the lake and links are made to the pages of Maguia Baikal, where more detailed information can be obtained. In the process of gathering information, I found that data from different sources differed, sometimes significantly. For example, there is still no generally accepted view of the number of islands in Baikal, the number of rivers entering the lake, etc. The origin of the names of mouses, islands, bays and other objects is often secrecy. I have sought to collect information from sources that are credible and to indicate the differences and their reasons.

Geography of Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal is in southern Eastern Siberia. In the form of a born bishop, Baikal pulled out of the south-east.North- East longitude between 55°47' and 51°28's north latitude and 103°43' and 109°58' Lake length 636 km, the largest width in the central part of 81 km, the minimum width opposite the Selengi Delta - 27 km (between Cape Blue on the west bank of Baikal and Middle on the east). Beikal is positioned at a height of 455 m above sea level. The coastline is about 1,850 km long (excluding part of the coast of the north of the island of Jarky). More than half of the lake coastline is included in protected areas, conservatives and national parks.

Water mirror area defined by water cuts of 454 m above sea level, 31470 square kilometres. Maximum depth of lake 1637 m, mean depth 730 m.Озеро Байкал Sometimes the literature claims that the maximum depth of Baikal is 1642 m. What's the right meaning? The answer to this question is somewhat paradoxical - both right. The point is that the measurement error is about 2 per cent, or 30 metres. It is therefore right to say that the highest depth of Baikal is 1,640 m, but not to forget the possible error of a few dozen metres.

336 permanent rivers and streams are entering Baykal, with half of the water entering the lake bringing Selenga. The only river from Baikal is Angar. However, the question of quantity. ♪ ♪

Озеро Байкал Озеро Байкал Озеро Байкал Озеро Байкал
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