билеты на самолет на Байкал

Baikal Tickets

Baikal - It is the most important place of force in Russia, where one day every person should be visited, where they can learn to communicate to an untouched nature, feeling its strength and greatness.

In Baikal, we have two travel seasons: summer (May-October) and winter (December-March). Despite the summer, it's always cold, the air temperature ranges from +22 degrees in the day to +5 degrees in the night, and it's only capable of swimming in the lake, in the hottest month of August, water reaches only +20 degrees.

Since the price of the Baikal drive from Samara often depends on air traffic, we recommend that the purchase be planned in advance so that it is possible to buy air tickets at favourable rates. As a rule, the starting point of the journey becomes a g. Irkutsk, you can get here on a train from Samara, but you'll have to spend three days on the road.

We're subdivided into tournaments, active and simple vacations on tourbs or hotels. In the tour route, we stop in several hotels from different regions, with active tours, we live mostly in tents along the route. For fishermen, hunting and just beach rest, we offer to choose a house of recreation and turbation on the lake.

The Baikal tours are 5-9 days, depending on the programme. For example, Baikal the Great for seven days includes a meeting in Irkutsk, moving to the clock. Listigian and hotel accommodation, tour of the Baikal Museum, Nerrpiary, Talci ethnographic Museum, to move to Baikalsk and to the hotel, tour of the BCD with a picnic on nature, to the 4th day, to the Hamar Dhabany Museum and to the picnic of the Bloody Palza, tour of the pictomy Depending on the time of the year, programmes may differ.

Active Baikalou tours - it's a tux, trips to the jeeps, alloys on catamarans, rafting, fishing. On these tours, we're giving all the equipment and equipment we need. These tours are necessarily accompanied by a qualified instructor and cook. Children under the age of 12 are usually not allowed to travel. Butchers can be in hotels and tents. The value of the active weekly tour at Baikal from Samara, for example, only the tracking (7 days) begins from 15 tons per person, commencing on catamara (11 days) of 26 tons per person.

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