Nissan X-Trail 2,0 レッド

Baikal Trip

6 days

Irkutsk - Listyanka -
Olhon Island

of 18,200 roubles
of 44,600 roubles

You can see the 2015 summer tours.
and make an application for payment
The tour you like!

Tours on Baikal 2016!

Tour prices in Baikal in summer 2016 are now being processed. You can consult the summer 2015 proposals in the tour archive and leave the individual tour. We'll bring to your attention both the winter tours and the seasoned Baikal tours! Which brings together a new year's banquet and a tour in the most beautiful and interesting places of Baikal. Early booking of summer tours on Baikal with a discount will soon be available!

You want to go. Baikal? The best way to do this is to go to the Irkut oblast, which benefits from proximity to Baikal and a high level of service. Every year, we have over 400,000 tourists, both Russian and foreign.

Baikal - It's a adventure coloidoscope! You can go to Baikal, filled with secrets and legends, meet local religious customs, meet a real shaman and participate in the ritual, then take a local kitchen meal.

Baikalia TSD organizes its own tours on Baikal, which include everything. Transfer and meals, to hydes and entertainment programmes. Our staff have been working with Baikal for over 13 years. They're like nobody else who can plan the rest of our clients on Baikal. In just a few days, you'll see the most interesting places and charge your impressions for years ahead!

Even if you've never been to Irkutsk and live in another part of our country, we'll organize Baikal tours from MoscowBaikal of Novosibirsk, Baikal of Vladivostok and many other cities. We'll meet you, we'll get you, we'll feed you, we'll show you and we'll go home! You'll always be happy with our service!

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