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Baikal Walk

Keep it together.
Keep it together.


6 km to Valdanos Beach near Ultzin, Montenegro

Good day.
We're going to have a wedding camp on Black for a bunch of friends at different levels of training, and we're told we can hire a big car in Slavka and drive the whole crowd right up to... km to the beginning of the walking path.
Who's done that this summer, how much service has cost?
If someone has these cars' phones, you'll share it, please.
my phone in Irkutsk +5
Thank you.

I'm looking for a dean.

Tell me, can we get a bike?

ஜ characteristic test be characteristic.
I'm putting everyone in friends.
I'm glad everyone, I don't have a subscription.

Zimny Baikal

This year, I decided to organise the Baikal camp, Sainam. ♪

Irkutsk, Russia

To visit Baikal, to feel his power, torn with beauty, the severity of nature dreams many, but not all. Stop it! It's been a year since the Gossip Girl's been successfully walking on Baikal, acquainting Russians and foreign guests with the nature of Eastern Siberia, organizing uprisings on the top of East Sain, and relentlessly repeating "the rest can and should be accessible." The year 2015 was no exception. We continue to collect teams on the Baikal routes, and in fact we expanded the line of tours, redefined them with pleasant little things and waited for you, our dear hunters, to visit.

Tourclub The Ghost? At the Altai, Baikal, Ural, Kampchatku, Caucasus, Crimea, Tian-Shan, Sayanam, Haqasia, Armenia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia! Active rest!

Crystal clean air, Baikal's blue waters from the white mountains.
Meet the New Year in a warm cozy cabin, surrounded by great sibir trees and cadres rising above the Hamar-Daban snowboards!

In this walk, you'll be waiting for a walk on skis above your height, a warm bath, a delicious holiday, a fireworks, a magic atmosphere.

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