туры на байкал стоимость

Cost Of Trip

If you decided to go tour in Russia without overpaying for a visa and becoming dependent on foreign exchange rates, Baikal is a place worthy of your attention. Every year, thousands of tourists from all corners of the earth are enjoying their vacation in this unique sea of the world. The cost of a trip to Baikal, contrary to stereotyping, can be easily accessible, the most important thing is to find a tourist agency that is carefully and professionally capable of searching for a tour for you, and to the fullest extent possible, the amazing beauty of Baikal. Our team is competent and experienced professionals whose specialization is the organization of any kind of recreation in Baikal.

We have hundreds of successful tours. Working for a long time in this field, we know how to reduce the tour prices to a minimum, keeping the quality of rest at a high level, and we are ready to share it with our clients.

If this is your first familiarity with Baikal, we recommend the selection of review tours, which include the examination of local sights: abandoned caves, warm booths and beautiful Baikal hills, which have many legends and devotions. Russia is an infinite country that can be studied for life. Prices vary depending on the living conditions and saturation of the programme chosen. We're offering tours to Baikal from Moscow: you don't have to search for the broadcasts on your own, worry about the tickets and book the number or the house, our specialists are planning your vacation in Baikal from the beginning to the end, taking into account all the wishes and conditions. At the same time, you will not only save your time, but you will also win the price, because the complex trip is always more profitable than the order of individual agency services. You go to our specialist, and you'll make sure that the events of saturation and the reminiscent vacation can be carried out not only abroad but also in Russia.

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