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Lake Baikal Information

In order to understand the cumbersomeness of the water body of Baikal, imagine that Angara, which flows from Lake 60, 9 km3 annually, would need 387 years of continuous work to dry his cup. If, of course, it won't be a litre of water during this time, and it won't evade its surface.

Of course, Baikal is the deepest lake in the world. Not everyone knows that the second candidate in the world, the African Lake Taniganika, is behind the leader for 200 metres. There are 30 islands in Baikal, the largest is Olhon Island.

The issue of Baikal ' s age should be considered open. The literature usually shows a figure of 20 to 25 million years. However, the application of different age-determining methods ranges from 20 to 30 million to several tens of thousands of years. But assuming that the traditional point of view is correct, Baikal can be counted as well. The most ancient lake on Earth


Baikal water unique and surprising, like Baikal himself. She's unusual.
transparent, clean and oxygen saturated. At a time of not so long, she was thought to be whole, with her help healing sickness.

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