Отдых на озере Байкал

Lake Baikal Rest

Going to the Baikal tour, what could be more amazing and exciting? Rest on the shore of a lake that locals respectably call the sea is truly unforgettable experience. It doesn't matter if you've been to Baikal before or for the first time you've decided to meet his amazing beauty, we'll pick you up a suitable tour, taking into account the budget and your preferences for recreation and accommodation.

Summer tours: all about Baikal at warm time of the year

The rest of the hot summer on the coast of Baikal may include both the beach, the adoption of solar baths and the peaceful condom of Siberia, and active and even extreme entertainment. Baikal's backbones, hills, local cave inspection, hill rises, the tour of Baikal. We have chosen our tourists the most exciting and memorable recreations, taking them into a saturated, fascinating program to meet Baikal. Baikal's Gostemian quiet booths are ready to meet those who prefer rest: this option will be perfect for families with children, older persons and simply for those who prefer skilled travel. If you want to know Baikal from all directions, not only to open the most beautiful species of lakes, but also to feel like a real conqueror of the poem, you'll be able to have an eventful, enthusiastic tour with divingo, rafting, an examination of the sights and objects relevant to archaeology.

Tours on Baikal, remembered for a long time.

Rounds Baikal in the summer. - an excellent choice because they give tourists greater freedom of action. You must have heard of Baikal's beauty in the winter when the lake is stretched by solid rocks of the ice, but summer gives the Sibirie pearl a different color. Baikal is presented to tourists with hospitality and prudence, recalling the fashion resort: beaches are drowned in greens, and guests have access to active recreational activities. The visits to thermal sources, the island of Olhon, the beloved place of the Burundian shamans, the visit of the famous skyrocket, all of which could be part of an unforgettable tour of Baikal.

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