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Roscia Tourism

The rest in Russia is a wide variety of: the beach on the Black Sea and the sausage-neutral in the Baltic, the toured in the cities of the Golden Kolz and both capitals, the active in the plains of Ural and Camchatka, the cruise in Volga and Oka. All about Russia: cities and maps, hotels and prices.

It's hard to imagine something more complex, heterogeneous and multidimensional to describe than Russia's vastly inexplicable. There's a metropolitan one day, and in the strict spirit and exquisite architecture, the remaining pineapple of Petersburg. And a wide-ranging merchandise, perpetually infiltrated by its dome, led by the bells of Ivan the Great, now Moscow capital. And the cradle of the Russian statehood of the ancient Great Novgorod and the eternal battle border Pskov, the Volga Jaroslavl, Kazan and the famous " Karman of Russia " - Novgorodny. And the great Siberian simplices, with the widest variety of natural resources and ancient cities, seemingly inaccessible ranges, so rich in beauty, as well as severe climates. Russia is so great and diverse that everyone will find something interesting here for himself.

For someone, it's an infinite stalk of glasses, a green taige flowing in spring tundra. Other souls are rich architectural monuments of large cities, whose lives are not dying for a minute. And someone can go to feed the poorly-known villages and remote towns that keep the spirit of the long past. How much more can we do in the spark from the Baltic to the Pacific? Speaking of Russia, it's impossible not to use the shrouded revolutions and stamps, but they're the reason they're the stamps that a lot of them are absolutely true.

Moscow and St. Petersburg

Both capitals from year to year like a magnet attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists. Museums, art galleries, palaces, churches, monasteries, monuments, historic buildings, gardens and parks, theatres and concert halls, cattle and savapark, all of which are in the North, which is in the official capital. It's just unreal to visit every possible tour. There are both Pushkin Petersburg and Bulgakovsky Moscow and bar tours and theatre marathons. Cultural life strikes the key in both Peter and Moscow: festivals, fairs, exhibitions, sports competitions, word, and events are held. tourism mass.

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