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Пак чехия 25.08


“In many non-touristic regions of Russia, we are waiting for real discovery”
Viaduk Tour
The regions themselves often do not understand their main values and offer standard non-interest tours, the main area, the mountains, the Lenin monument. Therefore, the leaders of the cities and areas that attract experts from the turbines to professionally assess tourism opportunities are doing the right thing. People want to travel in their country and will do so regardless of the situation.”
Travel Magasine
We're the chocolate that's in the store near the cashier, and they're gonna get her into a crisis. It's not right to think that cheap tours across the country are only chosen by poor people.Солвекс с 4 августа Among our clients, a large proportion of those who have already been in many countries. And they're going to Russia not because it's cheap, but because they're interested. Our students will give a great deal to the graduates of the subject-matter.”
Moscow Economic and Technology College No. 22
Students have been in practice since the second course. And it's not limited to one or two weeks and the writing of coursework-- guys work months. Many more and every summer, on their own initiative, work in hotels and restaurants, gain experience. For the best of them, employers are in line. "I prefer to deal with turbine rather than direct customers."
French Quarter Hotel
Sometimes it's easy to listen to people to find new sources of income or economy.
Mosaic Hostel
It was important for us to create a special atmosphere in the hostel, because it's where people go to Petersburg. It's easier in the hostel because if people live in the hotel on their own, they can talk to the same tourists, make new friends. Our task as owners is to cognite. Rural. ♪ ♪
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