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Alta Recreation Bases

Богатырские домики

Recreation base verbal Altai

The new round-trip base of the Altai Fair is located in the base of the fight on the coast of Katuni. 2 kilometres from Ust-Munah, 489 kilometres from M-52.

We'll be able to dwell in an amazing atmosphere of calm and quiet away from the city's loom. At your service, а separate bottches from the kedra. There's two rooms in every room: the bedroom and the Mini City. And for those who want to go deeper into the story, there are three rich housewives waiting for you, every single one is made in individual style.

13 cottages; of these, 10 Lukes cottages with two rooms (modern comfort) and 3 separate Bogotary Houses. All the numbers are good. There are children's beds.

Горный Алтай : Майминский район : База отдыха «Сказка Алтая» : Мини-гостинаяThe Territory also:

  • Children ' s site
  • Batut
  • Games
  • Bovine with a view on the river
  • restaurant
  • table tennis
  • volleyball site
  • Bath
  • basin
  • Interviews
  • Manga
  • secure parking
  • cycling
  • Tours

Restaurance Cedre will welcome you to your firm, exquisite meals as well as Russian and European kitchens.

Cost of living 2016 (inventory):

Positioning optionNumber, JuneNumber, July, August
Kotteji Lukes
(2 dess.+1 dop.*)
4,000 p/day.4900 p/day.
Bogatary Houses
(2 main seats)
3,000 p/day.3200 p/day.

* ) for the child (not more than 1.5 m)
Dop, place . 1,000 p.

A unique offer! In 5 days of residence, FRIDK 5 per cent, more than 10 days . 7%. Additional discounts are granted to a group of 10 persons upon their arrival.

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