Altai Catches

Ostin is an unbelievable crack at the Alta. ♪ ♪
We invite you to our fall journey and the end of the summer's journey.
The most bruising rivers, the whitest peaks, the brightest mountains, The best. fisherman!

Travel dates:
1. 19-28 August, 09-18 September - Shawlin lakes, cone or track
2. 24 August-02 September - District trip to Altaya. Tourbase nights, active but not complex physical tour.
3. 05-21 September - Moving on Mongolia to Gobi Desert
4. 05-15 September - Going to Belja, final
5. 07-16 September - Big Altai District Tour, nights only on turbaz.
6. 12-18 September (7 days) - Dear Eve County Tour
7. 14-23 September, Big Altai County tour, nights only on the tourbs.
8. 21-27 September - Dear Eve Tour
9. 21-30 September, Big Altai County tour, nights only on tourbs.
10. 28 September-07 October, Big Altai County Tour, nights only on the tourbs.
P.S. Already accepting applications for a new year's visit. ♪ ♪

Also, the great benefits of travel in the fall are: 1. A small number of other tourists. 2. warm air temperature by day (up to +25)

In all matters, write in a book:

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