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Tourism in Alta is a story!

Who's already been able to travel on Mount Alta and see the beauty and diversity of the places, will be sure to say that the paradise for tourists exists, and he is certainly here in Alta.

Types of mountain range

All types of tourism are possible in Altaea:

Altay's mountain landscapes don't give way to the paintings on the Caucasus.

In the mountain tours in Altai, you will see not only the mountains, nature has generously rewarded this land and other landscapes - there are staps like halfways, an unsuccessful mystery, alpine bulbs, lakes and waterfalls. That's why all kinds of tourism are possible here! They will not leave anyone indifferent and endured tours in Altai, such routes allow visits to places remote from human settlements, which contributes to close contact with intact and non-repetitional nature. Mountain Altaa good and healthy vacation. And that's why it's impossible to describe all the beauty of nature in two words, it must be there!

In recent years, the Gore Altaway camp has become increasingly popular holidays. Hundreds of thousands of foreign and Russian tourists come here every year, because in Alta, you can find a vacation for any taste! Nearly every man, once in the Mountain Altai, comes back here again and again to recapture the uniqueness of the untouched corners of nature, the cleanest mountain air, and to bury into the perverted undiscovered world. ♪

Travel to Altai is unforgettable excursions, fascinating spectacles and memorable alloys, overcoming the thresholds to the fifth category of complexity.

The tourist will find in Altai a rich source of estetic pleasure in the inviolable plains and arts of dark forest and foam mountain streams, blindly snow peaks, and a bright and golden bulb over the deep blue sky.

During the summer of 2016, the Tourclub " Water " offers the following trips to Altai:

  • "Shawlin lakes,"
  • "Catun Ridge to the Multin Ozurs,"
  • "To the foot of the Beluhi,"
  • "After the Katun River" on the catamaras.
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