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Carley Rest Base

For amateurs to spend their vacations or weekends in a warm company or a family in Carelia, we're ready to offer the cozy hotel rooms of our leisure base.
And if you're tired of a saturated day, nothing's gonna take the fatigue off better than a real bath located in the most vivid place of the rest base.
By creating this comforting place of rest, we made a special bet on the comfort of our guests at any time of the year, so all the life-saving systems of the base are built on the most modern technologies and have all the necessary comfort. It gives us hope that the rest of our guests will not be marred by any domestic disturbances in any weather and at any time of the year. The desert of the centuries-old core forest, the crystal-blown waters, fresh and beating air, the singing of birds and the spraying of fish on a quiet evening watch, all of it. Rest in CareliaAnd the Ghost House of the Mountain is one of the clear evidence. Come here, and we'll try to do everything we can to make #Carlia and #Ruskeal stay in your heart forever.

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