Турбазы и базы отдыха Карелии

Carrier Recreation Bases

The Niska Recreation Base is located in the living areas of Piazer. Magnificent landscapes, the proximity of the Polar Circle enables us to look at the fabulous landscapes at any time of the year. On our side, you will be in touch with the severe beauty of the north and the conservative corner of the Panayarvi Park, where we will organize tours.

Seven housewives each house consists of two independent rooms with separate entrances. Maximum 2+1. There is room for additional space.

The set is designed for 36 guests.

- Dress room with firewood;
- Satellite TV;
- LCD - TV, DVD - vent;
♪ Diwan, chair, magazine table;
- Spiritual cabin and sanusel;
♪ Fen;
♪ Towels;
♪ Hot water;
- A comfortable separate two-bedroom bedroom;
♪ Two single beds;
- Covered carcase;
- A cover lamp;
♪ A white dresser;
♪ Laundry*
- Mirror;
- Cloth room for drying and storing clothes;
- A comrade;
- Paycase;
♪ Possibility of accommodation.


NameNumber per day
Living at the Lux Hotel + 3rd meals (night, lunch, dinner)
8 400
3 000
Additional place for a child, from 2 to 12 years, at the Lux Hotel + 3-time meals (night, lunch, dinner)1 000
Children under 2 years of age living with their parents at the Lux Hotel without the provision of an additional place + 3 meals (night, lunch, dinner)Free
Installation of a child bed at all times500

To guest services:

  • Russian and European kitchen restaurant;
  • Fish and hunting, accompanied by experienced egers;
  • Areas for the separation and reproduction of fish;
  • Collection of mushrooms and berries;
  • Black Banja;
  • Rolling of boats equipped for trolling;
  • Aeronautical rental;
  • Rolling service: Yamaha Grizli quadrocycles., Arctic Cat and Yamaha snows;
  • Billard, desk football;
  • Karaoke, board games;
  • Satellite television.
  • Car parking;
  • Transfer.

How to get:

If you're on your own journey, your route will be on St. Petersburg-Murmansk route (1008 km) until the Loui-Piaozer-square is developed, you need to turn left and move to the final point of Piaozer.

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