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Rest on weekends or how to spend time with good use

Going on weekends or holidays, and you're wondering again how to take the kids off school? Have a family-wide weekend tour with the possibility of visiting old Russian cities. Russian tours Everyone likes them, without exception, both children and adults. And a long choice of guided programmes will allow you to pick a trip that is best suited for your duration. If you're going to bring with you kids who don't have the experience of long bus crossings, the perfect way for you is to take a tour of the Underwater.

Depending on the destination of the trip, you will be able to visit the Serpukhs or Polynovo, and if you want to fill the background, you'll be able to take a tour to the Phoc-Turras Reserve. Such a one-day tour is especially recommended for schoolchildren, as it allows for a significant increase in the horizon of the boys and, at the same time, does not give them any remorse. If you want to spend some time with senior schoolchildren or plan to take a bus tour in Russia for a team of company employees, you'll consider a travel route.

It usually takes two to five days. Your journey may include visits to the main towns of the ring: Vladimir and Kostrom, Perslav-Zales, Rostov of the Great and Sosdal, Sergiev Posada and Yaroslava, and the nearby old cities with ancient history and self-reliance culture, during which you will see any architectural and historical monuments, museums of the year. Depending on your desire, you can go through both the traditional route and the developed route. individually for your group.

After a busy working week, many of the Moscows dream of resting and having a good time with their friends and families for fascinating occupations are the same. weekend tours♪ They offer a bright impression, new familiarity with undiscovered territories. Talking about these weekend trips, then...

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