Базы отдыха в Карелии

Kareliyah Rest Base

Commencement of " Turbaza and recreation bases in Kareliyah

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Below, in this section, we will introduce you to the rest, leisure and recreational facilities. Kareliyah Turks

The Russian bath, skiing, snow safari, walks on the spring boat or yacht on the magnificent beauty of the carel lakes, the charm of the northern nature, the picnics on the islands are just a small part of what awaits you in Carelia.

The mushrooms, the berries, the opportunity to rest away from the noise city, to halve the fish and just look at all this beauty will give you a huge boredom charge, even for a short period, and you'll want to come back here again and again!

There will always be reliable and regularly updated information on tourbs and on the Cerella-on-line website. Caribbean recreational facilitiesas well as a convenient opportunity to order an online route.

So, Carelia is turbasses, rest bases and recreational homes. Choose!

Olon region

115 km south-west of Petrozavodska on the shore of the lake. Wagwero, Olonsky district, bordering Pryazhin district. Four cottages, two to three rooms in the guest house. Russian baths, snow, skis, horses, tarts, cyclists, fishing gears, footballs and volleyballs, mangalls, boats, table tennis and billiards; excellent piers for solar baths and bathing.

180 kilometres south-west of Petrozavodska, Olonsky district, on the Vekkolayarvi peninsula. A cattage complex of five well-built cottages.


- modern, comfortable rest base. ♪ ♪

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