базы отдыха на озере Байкал

Lake Baikal Recreation Bases

Principal Corps recreational facilities Raduga works from 15 May to 20 October. Planned in the village of Maximich 300m from Lake Baikal, 200m from Park Museum.

The main body is eight well-established numbers and one Lukes number. Total capacity is 26.

There is a parking space on the main hull (free of charge), a conversation with a picnic place, a small children ' s space and always many flowers. There is a dining room, an exhibition room, a gym, and most of the healing procedures (fitobs, massage, glinotherapy, etc.). The rest base area is fenced.

Description of numbers in the main body
In all the numbers of the Main Corps: a shower cab, a well-built sanitary, hot and cold water.
Heating is electrical.
Laundry, towels.
Nice broad beds. The scarf, the mini chip, the shoes, the mirror, the hamsters, the dryers, the carpets in the shower room.
The TV is only in the 5th local room and Lukes.
Cleaning is done.

5 local number one
Croati: three-one-half, one-half.

3 local numbers - 5
Croati, options:
- One two-way and one-seven;
- One, two, one, and a chair.

2 local numbers - Two.
Croati, options:
- One 2-page;
- Two 1s.

Room 2.
Croati: 2-span bed, corner couch, chair.
Scaf, mini chip, shoes, magazine table. The TV. Mini bar, dishes, electric kettle, refrigerator.
Modern shower room, robe, slippers, hygienic kit, phen.

Residential prices in the main body
Look at the live price page.


Food is included in the cost of living in the main body. There's no room to cook.

The photo can be seen at the Gallery site:
good numbers, photos
Lux number, photo

Payment services:
You have access to all the health and other services provided by the Rainbow Centre, the rolling of bicycles, skis and so forth, the tour, the exhibition hall. There are discounts for residents.

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