отдых в России летом 2016

Rest In Roses Is Cheap

где провести отпуск в октябре в россии


Rest in October in Russia can be very interesting if you choose a non-bank direction. The Council will draw attention to Adagey, who knows little that there are many interesting places in the Republic.

Adygeia will meet warm and soft weather in the middle of the fall. In Maycope +18°C by day +8°C at night, mountain and mountainous areas may be sludge, most often in the first half of the month, but most of the time is sunlight. In mountains above 1, 5 km above sea level in the second half of October, rains with wet snow, day +6°C, sometimes air warms up to +10... +12 °C.

Numerous mineral sources of the republic offer treatment in local sanatorias, while the famous Lago-Naki Plateau attracts amateurs of mountain tourism. There's a lot of pawn trails going on here, and there's a very good track. So far, the popularity of the so-called "Trudent" or the former "An all-Union 30s route" has started in the Kamanosmost, running through the Lago-Naki Plateau and going to the Black Sea in the village of Douglas. The Marshrut runs the Caucasus Biosphere Reserve and allows for a lot of sight.

отдых у моря в октябре в россииThe tourists visit waterfalls, caves and dolmen, the largest of which is located in the Guzeripple settlement. Popular and other types Active: Spelleoturism, alpinism, top ride, quadrocycle drive, jeep. You can stop at a camping or a tourist base. The region ' s infrastructure is gradually evolving, and excellent accommodation options are now available in Kamanomost, Hajoh, Maykope and elsewhere.

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In October, Russia is free to rest at sea, so we have to go to Yalta, where it's warmest. Most often the first half of the month is warm and solar, the second is raw and cool. Usually, the first week of October is +22°C, +18°C, then may be cold. Sometimes the temperature falls quite sharply, but then the heat returns, day +14... +16° C but above +20°C no longer rises. The sea is periodically storming, water at sea +18°C, but if the fall is later, it may be quite suitable for bathing at the beginning of the month. Read more about the weather in the Crimea fall.

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