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Rossi ' S Sporting Health Tourism

The man's desire and traction to travel is unrealistic. Over the past 100 years, the most active part of our country ' s population has voluntarily organized clubs, alliances and other forms of community of faculty and tourism as part of its journey. Today, self-sustaining sports and recreational tourism (hereinafter self-sustaining tourism) in Russia is a unique socially meaningful tourist movement of citizens, the essence of which is spirituality, sport, nature! The main idea and direction of the Fenomena tourist movement is the organization of a massive and active rest, which is being carried out under natural conditions of bypass life while travellers travel along the merchandise, mountain and other areas and landscapes, as well as on water spaces.

Self-sustaining tourism in our country has, throughout history, served as a means of physical health, moral and spiritual development, patriotism, educating the nature and monuments of culture and history. The Primorian territory has not been an exception in this regard.

It should be noted that, among the tourist routes classified by the Department of Improvised Tourism of the Central Council for Tourism and guided tours of the Soviet Union, natural and environmental routes along the territory of Primoria have been systematically identified and observed for decades. For example, routes along the Milogradka Valley, along the Ussouri River Valley in the area of its origin and the top, in the subjugation areas and mountaintops of the Oblaskaya (1,856 m), through the Berezovski and other areas.

This massive self-sustaining movement in Russia has always been facilitated by the availability of active tourism in natural settings for the majority of the population ' s age groups and the suitability of most of our country ' s territory for self-sufficient tourism and activities.

Today, self-sustaining sports and health tourism is divided into sports and health. The challenge of sporting tourism is to improve sports in overcoming natural obstacles. Healthy tourism, in turn, is divided into:

Recreational, which aims to restore the physical and mental forces of a person by means of active recreation in nature;

- rehabilitation. It aims to treat certain diseases through natural tourism.

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