топ городов россии для туризма

Top Of The Cities Of The Russians For Tourism

The hotel search service has found the smallest cities in Russia (with fewer than 5,000 people) who are the most popular tourists.

The rally is based on search and hotel and apartments in 2016.

The city of Gdod Pskov province ranks fourth among the smallest Russian cities in popularity with tourists.

The top 10 of Russia ' s smallest cities, popular with tourists, are Ples (Ivanov oblast), Kadnikov (Worological Region), Praddinsk (Kaliningrad Region), Gdodov (Poskov Region), Solgojegossk (Archangel oblast), Novosil (Orlovsk province), Cherdyszholsk province)

According to data, living in a hotel in the smallest cities of Russia will cost between 1,000 and 1,500 roubles per day.

The smallest cities of Russia are attracted to tourists by festivals and events.

The Gudov festivals are held each year by the " Ghodian oldina " and the " Laden Beating " on the shores of the Chudd Lake, in Plesa - Levitan Music Festival, " Light Paltra " and " Zerkalo " , in Kadnikoval Muste "

The smallest. Russian cities It is worth visiting city museums located in historic buildings and local values, such as the old market area and the watch site of St. George ' s Church in Praddinsk (Fridland). In the town of Novosil, the gathering of Bogomattery of the late 18th century, the Casan Church and the stone houses of the mid-19th century, and in the village of Golun, near Novosil, the siege of the Golits.

There are 41 cities in Russia with a population of less than 5,000, including the smallest Russian city, Chekalin (formerly Lihvin) in Tul province, where fewer than 1,000 inhabitants and the northernest town of Russia, Pevek, in Chukotka.

10 tourists of the smallest cities of Russia:

1. Ples (Ivanov Region)

2. Cadnikov (Walog region)

3. Pravdinsk (Kalingrad Region)

4. Gdov (Pskov Region)

5. Solibrichsk (Archangel Region)

6. Novosil (Orlov)

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