Остров Валаам



This tour can only be booked in offices on Red Octubre and Chiptrip Petersburg. Remote arming (including for members of the club) may also be possible after consultation with the project manager by mail of specialproject.che@gmail.com and card payment (only this tour).

It's important! If you didn't sell this tour in the office, write the mail.
kachestvo, we'll sell it with a discount of 3%!

Weather forecasts* Carelia in August +22...+17 °C/night +13...+10 °C, in September by day +20...+12°C/night +11...+8°C
* indicated tentatively at the time of travel

Special Project C

Tours in Carelia for the weekend, two programmes for the choice:

What's so attractive to Carelia any time of year? Why do you want to go back to that end again and again?

The answer is simple, because Karelia is a country of mysteriousness and fairy tale, its land has been cultivated by many mystery, legend, mystical history of the national epic and fairy tale. Carelia is a place where you can escape from everyday routine and city loom to rest and understand what it is worth listening to your heart.

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