Всемирный день туризма

What Number Of Rossi Tourism Days

день туризма27 September 2016 - Date (when, what number of holidays)

World Tourism Day is a day of open doors anywhere in the world. To travel, how beautiful it is! There's no man on earth who doesn't like to wander around the world, to be the first to open up new, unknown corners of the earth. A holiday for everyone who feels like a tourist, and it won't be important to visit the nearest forest cannon or the exotic country. On this day, we can congratulate all those involved. Travel and Tourism: Tour guides, tour operators, hotel workers, recreational security personnel. This holiday is celebrated on 27 September and its main idea is the development of inter-ethnic relations and cultural relations. On this day, tourist flights, trips, trips to nature. An increasing number of countries are organizing various tourism projects and programmes for their citizens, actively involving a young generation. To date, it has become virtually impossible to find an unknown piece of land. You can see millions of beautiful spots on the photo, but nothing can replace those emotions and impressions that the tourist will experience after another walk. Being a tourist is fashionable, but the most important thing is being healthy, active. What do you want this day? Of course, the road to a very special corner of the Earth!

The world is so beautiful,
Interesting places,
And such a beautiful holiday...
Tourism Day is in the world!

Congratulations to everyone today,
Who's attracted to tourism.
Happiness, joy, health
And you're doing everything!

You'd have to move the world! Any dream!
So today is tourism day, gentlemen!
We wish there was a lot of travel!
And for everyone to have their dreams!

And if we have all the obstacles, don't interfere,
We're in the sky, and the sun is friends,
How we're going and happy and laughing,
And for happiness, the Earth is spinning!

We wish every tourist island.
Finding the only one we're not in the shadows,

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