Лучшие курорты России

Best Rosalee Resorts

Many people with some skepticism belong to beach rest in Russia, and for nothing. Some places may be fighting with the world's name resorts. Besides, it's a great option. Budgetary Tourism♪ What's the name of going to the beach and saving money?

1. Krasnodar, Azona.

Did you know that this sea is considered the smallest in the world? No? Indeed, its depth reaches only 13, 6 metres. But that's not all. The length of the Azov Sea is quite large and the beaches are filled with small sand. And amateurs of extreme recreation will like many surf schools on the coasts.

2. New City, Old Russ.

If you've long dreamed of getting into the thermal sources, that's the opportunity. You can go to the Dead Sea. Plus, you're gonna have a great chance to see the famous Baden Baden Baden and his cult virtues with your eyes.

3. Top field, Lake Brosno.

Everyone must have heard about the legendary Lake Loch Ness in Scotland. There's an analog of this mystery spot in Russia! The lake is about 10 kilometres long, about 40 metres deep. Local residents claim that there is a real monster at the bottom of this sea. And those who don't believe in this kind of misty would like pure sand beaches and transparent water.

4. Kaliningrad, Kursh Space.

The coast of the Baltic Sea, wide beaches, crystal light sand, what else do you need for a great vacation? It's a great place to remember.

5. Jemet and Anapa.

Most of the people in the USSR were in Anapa. Who remembers Annapa's famous camps? Jemet is famous for his golden sands and calority, and in Anapa, life is whipped and wonderful adventures are made every day.

6. Ubsunur Cotton, Ubsu-Nur.

The name makes it clear that this place is bordering on Mongolian territory. There are amazing beaches in here. I think you're on the ocean. There's a wave of waves in the distance, there's tea over the water, and the smell of salt water in the air.

7. Petrozavodsk, Lake Onez.

These beaches wear the proudest rank in Carelia. The most amazing thing is that they're very close to the forest, which gives them special color. If you like sailing, you'll have to shower the Lake Onez.

8. Novgorod and Samara oblast, Seliger.

The most developed tourism network is on Seliger. Why is it so popular? The thing is, there are clean beaches, there are many lakes, and housing is presented to any wallet. There's also everything here for active and healthy rest - fishing gear, bicycles, boats and boats.

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