горнолыжного туризма

Mining Tourism Administrations



Pisarevsky E. L., Advisor of the Staff of the Committee of the State Duma on Economic Policy, Enterprise and Tourism, candidate of legal sciences, member of the Russian Academy of Legal Sciences, active member of the National Tourism Academy.

1. General

Tourism is activities most commonly associated with recreation, leisure, sports and cultural and environmental relations. Natural tourism and ecotourism are recognized as particularly enriching and valuable forms of tourism because they respect the natural heritage and the local population and respect the capacity to receive tourist facilities, as described in the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism (1999). The International Charter on Physical Education and Sport (1978) states that the inclusion of physical education and sport in the natural environment enrichs people and promotes respect for the resources of the planet, creates responsibility for their conservation and use with the greatest benefit to all mankind. After 50 years of phenomenal growth, the tourism industry has become more complex and complex. At present, it has reached a stage where research on traditional and new market segments, consumer preferences, information technologies and management methodologies needs to be intensified. The strong economic impact of this industry, as well as its impact on the human, cultural and natural environment, requires that the sector be further developed with accurate statistics, deep research and responsible management based on the principles of sustainable development (the Millennium Declaration (10 September-1 October 2001)). - Article 1 of the World Charter on Sustainable Tourism defines this as sustainable tourism. tourism developmentwhich should be environmentally sustainable in the long term, economically viable, ethical and socially balanced for local communities. Sustainable development is a controlled process involving global resource management to ensure its viability, thus enabling the preservation of our natural and cultural wealth, including protected areas. Continuous growth and development of the tourism industry and the consequent increase in competition contribute to the diversity of tourism and products and the emergence of new tourist centres. Mining and tourism centres are particularly important. France is now the leader in this field in the world tourist market. Everyone knows... ♪

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