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The next anniversary of August 1991 is nearing. Twenty-five years of democratic revolution, it's always been interpreted. Or PPP-- who likes it better. Today, it is interpreted as almost as " October 25 years " . On 19 August 1991, he was not enchanted by a number of CPSS masmaticians with shaky hands. But acting slowly, anonymously, quietly, through the frontiers, gradually poisoned the venom of the Rosesian brains and in fact defeated all the positions lost on 21 August 1991. You can celebrate. Or insult.

However, today, thinking about what turn to choose for another anniversary analysis of this important date, I find it surprisingly easy. Since the choir of the cultivators of the “elcin period” has become increasingly pathetic. Confessing the curses of the first (and last) democratic Russian FederationThe “tenicas” invented his offensive name, the “north-nine”, but the nightmare that started because of their efforts in the tenths, not even dreamed of a generation of the nine.

It was hard in the '90s, poor... It's true. In certain spheres, the head of the “births” in the training suits was indeed used. Alas, it has always been the case that the “births” are the first to expose the phony of any totalitarian system. Faster than doctors, scientists, teachers and politicians. We made mistakes, too. But such fantastic reluctance, police, cheques and the judicial system, as in the '80s, we certainly couldn't. We could not imagine that even in anti-utopia like " up from the berya coffin and embarked on reforms " . Under the slogan " now we're doing everything right " , the reassigners reassigned the cheque-bureaucratic State in the classical version, as in the Andropov, which was a normal case. Mostly, the pockets of the regime ' s armor and the truly tragic destruction of all free, professional and business.

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