Ляйсан Утяшева и Павел Воля

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-Sergei and Ivan Kutova brothers played a major role.

Today, the Participant of the Comedy Club Pavel Volo presented to the Prime Minister a new clip on his song "Two," removed in spring 2016 in Archangelske by the director Artem Grynik and the operator Max Zazulin. The archangel, the twin brothers Sergei and Ivan Kutov were the main clip players.

Sergei Kutova is well known both in Arkhangelsk and throughout Russia, thanks to its strength of spirit and positive view of life. And it started with a 17-year-old Sergei hitting a car on a pedestrian crossing, eventually the young man lost his leg. After coma and long rehabilitation, Sergei Kutova decided to fight for a full life by all means. Active sports have led a young man from 140 kilograms to 68 and does not rule out the option of later becoming a phthane model, writing a prosthetic.

Thanks to the activity of a young man in the social media, his story flew around the country, thousands of fans came from the archangel. "When I wrote "Two," it was clear that she was about the love of a man and a woman. But I didn't think that a clip for such a song could be a story. That's totally different. It's love and friendship and fraternity. It's true. The story of two brothers and their lives. History of victory. Real life and real victoryThat's how you shared your impressions about Pavel Will's Clip.

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