Горнолыжные курорты России

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About Russian resorts in two words. ♪ ♪

Russia has all kinds of resort resources. In Russia there are all types of mineral waters, all climatic areas, and there are resorts that do not have analogs or exceed the best world resorts for many parameters. Since 1977, there has been the first Silvinite Spelenebic in the Kaliin Mine on the Upperkhnekam Valium Soliy deposit in the city of Bereznik, Perm province. As long as it's the only underground hospital in Russia. In 1984, Russian scientists invented a halocamera, where a microclimate was established with the parameters of salty copies of the underground treatment facility in Solotwino, and in 1989. The world ' s first climatic chamber of silvitic salts has been built by Solicians. A unique microclimate of the underground world has been re-established on the ground, which has increased access to this type of therapy from children to adults of older age and, in more comfortable settings, has been used to prevent and treat a wide range of diseases. Galokamera and spelagamers are priority development of Russian physiotherapy school. In Russia, they are equipped with many sanatories, urban health centres. Climate chambers are now imported abroad.

The high level of resort treatment in Russia is recognized worldwide. The growing popularity of Russian resorts stems not only from a high level of service, a worthy of the most prospective client, no more acceptable than Western price resorts, no problems with visas and language barriers, but from unique natural health factors and the latest medical technologies for resort medicine. All the wealth of the Russian natural hospital is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and often architectural monuments, because these fertile places have been chosen for settlement since the oldest time.

Modern Russian resort is unique natural curative factors, high medical technologies, advanced infrastructure, modern leisure centres and interesting tour programmes. Every year, Russian towns of corn are well-built, small, cozy private hotels and shiny hotels, tennis crusts and golf fields, mining tracks and aquaparks, casinos and concert halls are being built, resort parks and beaches are favoured.

Geography of Russia

Russia is on two continents, Europe and Asia. In the east, Russia is mired by the Japan, the Hunt and Bering Seas and the Bering Strait, the North by the Barents, the Karski, Chukot and East Siberian Seas, the sea of Laptev, the west by the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland, the South by the Black Sea and the Azov Seas. Major islands: New Earth, Sahalin, Novosibir Islands.

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