Russian Corelia

Useful data for tourists on the country ' s Karelia, towns and resorts. Also, information on the population, the currency of Karelia, the kitchen, the characteristics of the visa and customs restrictions of Karelia.

Information on Kareliyah





172, 4,000 square kilometres.




Eased entry regime

Geography of Carelia

Republic of Korea - Russian Federation entity in the north-western part of Russia. Carelia is located between two seas: White and Baltic. Member of the Northwest Federal District.

The main relay is a hill plain that passes west in the Western Caribbean. There are about 60,000 lakes and about 27,000 rivers. The Lake Lad and Onez are the largest in Europe.

Carelia map

Open the big map of Carelia.

The weather in Carelia

The climate is soft with a swelling of rainfall, changes in the territory of Karelia from the sea to the continental.


State language: Russian

The number of Karelian speakers (one of the Baltic-Finish languages) in Carelia is around 80,000. There are three dialects.

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