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https://img-fotki. /get/55195/225452242.46/0_17d830_c2ad3948_orig.jpgGreedy, living one day and not thinking about the development prospects of the homeland?

photo: Artem Trofim / asaratov.livejournal.com

Crimean, don't ask Russia for gratitude: your desire to return home does not make you heroes. The residents of the mainland, don't ask for a wing ticket to Russia-- it's not an elite club.

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This summer, the next of kin fought in social networks particularly intransigent. It came to the point that the resorters from the Great Land almost denied the Crimeans the right to be compatriots. They stated that in 25 years, the people of Crimea had reborn ethnically, failed or failed to resist the influence of others, overwhelmed the ancestry and culture of the State that had been part of since the collapse of the USSR.

Therefore, the wings are tidy Ukrainians, and they have taken out the resorters from the mainland: greed, living one day, not thinking about the future of their homeland.

What was the reason for such a radical sentence?

In fact, there's nothing new about what's going on. Rest They did not open up: high prices and bad infrastructure have been a distinct feature of Crimean resorts for many years.

Why is it now that this online scandal has come out especially loud and incorrect?

The fact is that, when Crimea was part of Ukraine, the price of Russians, high in Ukrainian measures, seemed to be mixed: the standard of living in Russia and Ukraine, particularly in recent years, was not comparable. But Crimea, when he moved to Russia, this summer, he'd set prices on the basis of internal, Russian, scale.

And they were prohibitively high, somewhere in the Moscow area, although the quality of services and services remained at the same, traditionally low level.

I honestly don't see any special reasons in this history for far-reaching conclusions about the particular nature of the people of Crimea.

Indeed, in the Krasnodar Kurts, prices have long reached an acceptable balance, because otherwise the red-dar coast would hardly be able to compete with Turkish and Egyptian resorts. But the Crimea is still in Russia and has no necessary experience and understanding of Russian realities. Both will necessarily come, it will take a little longer than the two years that have elapsed since the return home.

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