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Пляж одного из отелей в Анталье. Архивное фото (revised:


RIA News, 10 yun. The once flourishing tourism industry in Turkey is facing devastating consequences, the absence of tourists from Russia is one of the reasons for this, and the Telegraph refers to World Tourism and Travel Council data (WTTC).

"It is obvious that the Russians will not come this year, and that the British and German tourists will be much less. These three countries usually account for 12 million tourists out of 36 annual visitors to Turkey, so the impact on the Turkish tourist industry will be devastating, and the Telegraph President WTTC David Skausil stated.

Пляж Сиде в Турции. Архивное фотоThe situation in Turkey ' s tourism industry is compounded by the terrorist threat and political indivisibility within the country, as well as by the war in Syria, as noted in the article.

"In the past year, the country has been the victim of suicide bombings seven times, including on Tuesday this week, when 11 people were killed in the explosion in Istanbul, and was involved in serious disagreements with Russia after its military aircraft hit," reminds the Telegraph.

Owing to the terrorist threat, the flow of tourists has also declined to other countries, France, Greece, Egypt and Tunisia. According to WTTC, the turindustry returns to normal levels within 13 months of the attack.

According to the media, due to the lack of customers in the Turkish resort cities, many hotels are closed, people are losing their jobs. In particular, in Antalya, once one of the most popular tourist destinations, this year is marked by the largest turpot decline in the decade.

As the DHA agency reported, the number of Russian tourists visiting Turkey from January to May was 21,000, almost 26 times less than in the same period last year. In an attempt to attract tourists, Turkish tourists significantly reduce prices - The Telegraph found discounts to 56 per cent for certain tours.

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