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• The tourist season in Dominica

On a large account in Dominica, the summer is around +27-29 C in winter, and in the summer about +29-31 degrees. Water is continuously warmed up to +28-30 C. Yet, a year in the Dominican Republic can be divided into two main seasons: hot and rainy seasons, although short-term rains are believed to be practically free from good rest, but wind and even hurricanes are good. It is particularly worth refraining from travelling during the hurricanes in August and September, although they may not be.

. High season

Starts in December and lasts all winter. This is due to the fact that winter has taken place in Europe and Russia, and there are not many places in the world that can comfortably rest in the warmth of the sea. During this period, the Dominican Republic has almost perfect weather. Apart from the great weather, in January-March, Dominicana attracts tourists with a fascinating view - there are guitars migrating.

. Low season

Starts in April and ends in October. This has to do with the rainy season and the typhoons. But if you realize that there's always rain in the Dominican Republic, and the strongest wind blows. Typhoons may not be, there's just some possibility. Instead, there could be enough wind breaks. So the weather's better known in advance. Rain at this time, usually light and short, go more often at night and don't spoil the rest. Some are going to Dominican for a vacation and at this time, but no good weather guarantees will give you. The exception is August-September, when the probability of bad weather and strong winds is really great.

. Flush season

The Couple season in Dominica lasts a year - the sea temperature is maintained in the area +27-30 C, which is comfortably for bathing. Especially the beach rest is good from November to March, when the rain is almost gone, and the light Atlantic wind saves the heat.

. Barhat season

The most pleasant weather in the Republic is between mid-October and mid-November and February. There is no barhat season as such in the Dominican Republic, but there are some months that are considered the softest by the weather, the second half of October, the beginning of November and February.

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