Отдых на Алтае: фото, описание


Altai Province has favourable natural and climatic conditions, unique historical and archaeological monuments for recreation, tourism and sports. There is considerable scope for the establishment of palneological centres for corn and sanatorium.

There are four round-trip tourist bases in the province (Catun, Golden Lake, Southernity, Coucella), a hotel complex called Turist, a training and training centre called the Semina Cross.

Tens of new private comfort turbulents have been created and are operating, targeting 10 to 50 people. At the same time, up to 2,000 people can receive all tourist bases and complexes.

Central and Eastern Altai may be seasonal Tourism Organization High categories of complexities and alpings. Mass rest may be organized in the inter-city boilers and undergrounds of rivers starting in the high zone.

The Rivers of Mountain Althai, with considerable slope and turbulence, are not navigable, but are of great interest to water and tourist sportsmen.

The waterfalls of the province attract a large number of tourists and resters. The richest waterfalls of the Katuna Ridge. Lots of waterfalls in the area of the Lake Tele, in the basins of the Chulychman River, Charrash, Anui.

Only the waters of the individual lakes (Ai, Mangerok, Kureivo) and the small rivers of Isha, Lebed and some others are warmed to temperatures favourable to mass bathing. The year of the swimming season is about two months.

The places of attraction of tourists and climbers are glaciers. Altai ranks third among the world ' s mountain countries by number of glaciers (1130) and healing area (890 km2). The Beluhi area has 169 glaciers of 151 km2. In terms of tourism and alpineism, the Altai glaciers are no different from the glaciers of other mountain countries. They're also dangerous.

Altai is so diverse and diverse that can satisfy the taste of any traveler. There is every opportunity to develop non-traditional forms of tourism. You can travel on Altai on foot, on skis, on horses, on camels, on a helicopter, and even under the slack of deltaplan and paraglaider, on light sports boats on the rivers, on mountain skis, on steep slopes or on cars and cycling through mountain breaks. With special alpine gear on icefalls and hinged rocks, seeking to expose the peaks of the highest mountains of Siberia or to the bottomless deserts of the deepest cave, or the savalans at the bottom of the opaque lakes, or with a secret weapon in pursuit of the expensive hunting trophy, it is difficult to imagine. Tourismthat would be impossible on Alta.

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