Авиаперелеты на Airbus A380

Aviation Tourism In Roses

Над паромом между Мариенхамн и СтокгольмомIt's surprising, but there's a whole segment of travel around the world that's hardly visible to a private recruit, but that's extremely exciting and unusual. These include aviation tourism, i.e. air travel, to explore and reach new places, unusual attitudes and pleasures from flying over stranger countries and continents.

And it's not about traveling on flights of major airlines or even traveling on a private plane, although it's more like aviation tourism. These include travel on light aircraft, small aircraft and helicopters, and may be small business jets.

Why on little planes and helicopters? In the first place, because they fly low enough to see the surrounding beauty, on the other hand, slowly enough (up to 300 km/h) to be able to consider everything in detail. You can travel on a business jet, too, but it's gonna be a little different, a plane flying high and fast, but it allows for a large number of cities and sights.

Helicopter tourism

The most fascinating and interesting journeys on helicopters are, and we are really good at organizing helicopter tours. In 2014 alone, I crossed the RF border on a helicopter more than 10 times as leader and leader of the group, flying all of Europe and the European part of Russia. We went to Pribaltic and Norway, the White Sea and the South of Russia, over the Volga and over the Baltic Sea. A few days ago, we returned from Scotland, and literally these days, this is a huge event -- a Robinson helicopter flight to New Zealand.


Typically, a group of 2-3-4 helicopters, each of which is flying 2-3 people, and we leave 6-8 days away from Moscow. Helicopters or their own, or may be leased or " sat " to the owner for a certain fee (and most often for the sharing of costs).

On the basis of experience with past helicopter travel, model routes have been developed, such as the Baltic Sea Island or the Lascury Coast, which are ideally suited to helicopters, and where most of the most often is not easy to reach.

IMG_0522Travel on light aircraft

Travel on a light aircraft is basically nothing different from a helicopter, but the plane cannot be on any side of the plane, smoked or looked at beauty, returned to the helicopter and moved on. Whatever a small plane is, he needs a runway and a landing, and he can't hang in the air either. However, for some regions (e.g. the United States) with long distances and not so energetic, this is a great solution!

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