Курорты Карелии: соотношение

Carley Resorts


Distillation: 40 mMax down: 300 MPs: 2

Distance: 110 mMax down: 580 m Drivers: 4

Crossing: 45 mMax down: 400 mS.

Overtake: 80 mMax down: 400 MS: 2

Discontinuation: 70 mMax down: 350 mS


Distillation: 100 mMax down: 400 MM: 1

At present, there are not many places where skis or snoubbards can be rolled. But last year, the government announced the establishment of a large mining resort. There's all the conditions.горнолыжные склоны Карелии Many compare the climate conditions of Karelia with Finland ' s nature. The construction is not as fast as it was planned.

But there are tourists in Carelia every year now. They are attracted by their sandy tracks at different levels, which can feel like an asom and a starting and professional mining and snoubbardist. It is possible to use the equipment for a rental, as well as the services of a trainer who will tell and tell us how to use skis and other devices.

Karelia Mountain resorts: beginning of development

The tourists can stay in the comfort rooms of the hotels and rest bases. They're different, from the economy to the class award.

Overall, Mining Carelia's resorts are a great way to relax, to forget about pressing problems and to bury into the world of snow, fresh cold air, fabulous nature. And all these emotions and feelings are completely free! Believe me, it's worth it!

туристические базы Карелии
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