Дешевый отдых в России 2015

Decided Rest In Roses

Russian domestic tourism has been gaining momentum, and while many market players have said that for the past 10 years, sanctions and macroeconomic constraints have become an incentive and an opportunity to do so. tourism development and increased interest in domestic recreation in all incomes and sectors. The current trends in domestic tourism are described in the article by Director General Hospitality Income Consulting Elena Lysenkov.

The habits of our travelers in 2016 are changing. The main points are:

1. Mobile market power

We are not Chinese, of course, and we are not the biggest market of smartphone-holders on the planet, but it is online and mobile booking that is a bright trend in time. Modern tourists are searching themselves, directly, consulting Tripadvisor, analysing prices that are within one finger click, checking feedback and photos, looking at 7 and more from different sides and different portals, and arming, arming, arming online.

2. Chinese replenishment

We have entered 10 accessible and cost-effective countries to travel in the world, but other factors, such as security and the difficulty of obtaining a visa, still remain a proper restriction on European travel, which has fallen by almost 40 per cent.

All regions of the country, tourism committees, hotel facilities are actively developing new areas of the country. Chinese tourists are on their way. We learn to work with social media such as Weibo, QZone and Kaixin00, open sites for Chinese firewall, transfer websites and menu, go into China Friendly's program, in general interest of our eastern neighbours on a trip to Russia, and they respond to our reciprocity.

3. The subscriber is temporarily unavailable

The number of tourists who want an interesting new rest is increasing, wanting to dive into the atmosphere during the holiday, escape civilization, taste the spirit of nature and disconnect the network. Some digital detox. There are hotels and resorts where the absence of Wi-Fi is the advantage. There is no need to confuse businessmen for travellers, for whom the presence of Wi-Fi is obligatory, as a pillow on a bed in a hotel.

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