Вид на Горно-Алтайск / Фото из

Gorn Altai

День городаGorno-Altissk lies in the north-west of the Republic of Altai 20 kilometres from its border with the Altai Krai. The city is in the precipice zone, which means the mountains are already, but they can't be called serious. The maximum height is 640 metres. Comparison: The highest mountain in the Republic of Beljah is 4506 meters. And they're saying that in recent years, a few more metres above the "deathless."

The city is very young, it's only 85 years old. He was born to a small village of Ulala in 1824, and in 1928 he became the town of Oyrot Tura, which is transferred from the Altai to the " Altai (or Or Or Orotic) city " . Subsequently, in 1948, the city was renamed Gornau-Altaisk. In 1992, the Gorno-Altai Autonomy Region became an independent Republic Altai and Gorn-Altissk was promoted to the capital. This event is still widely celebrated in the city.

Вид с горнолыжного спуска горы Тугая на город и горнолыжный спуск на горе Комсомолка

The post-Soviet industry suffered a very severe fall. If there were some businesses in the city ' s Soviet time, such as a bakery factory, a fabric factory or a GBI factory, they now only had the names of public transport stops. Two moments have saved the city: the recognition of the Republic as an independent country, and the Albanians have been a defiant nation. As a result, the republic had money to save the people. They do. It may be worth noting the archaeological developments that have also contributed to maintaining the historical status of the city. But joy was short and in 2010 this status was removed from the city.

Climate and ecology of Gorno-Altiska

Горно-Алтайск с высоты птичьего полетаThe city itself lies between two low mountains, Tugai and Komsomol. They protect the city from wind and even the worst winters move much easier. The Siberians don't know the word, and the rest of us can remember the Shurik movie, which showed the way to the library. Remember that night's elevation and wind whistle? There's no such thing in Gorno-Altiske. Happy!

Well, another indisputable plus that location is a great view from the window. From any window in town. You can't hide from the sight of the mountain. Nowhere!

But there's the opposite side of the medal. The city is located, you can say, in the pit. There's no wind, and air circulation is small. I mean, smoke and smoke often hangs over town for not one day.

Of course, there's a second stage of the missiles that fall somewhere in Alta. They say that this has led to increased statistics on cancer in the Onguday district. And they say it also affects Gorno-Altissk. So it's not, it's not known, but those who want to go down the mountains with Gaiger's counter and collect statistics.

Старая, уже не работающая, труба угольной котельной и новая – на газе Центр города, район автовокзала Район «Мебельная» Район «Ткацкой фабрики». Вдали от цетральной улицы, ближе к горе уже идут застройки частного сектора
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